Organic certification is recommended if you are growing organic produce for sale. Certification shows your customers that you are genuinely organic and helps to ensure you are following accepted organic principles.

Far North Organic Growers offer two kinds of certification:

  • Local FNOG Certification
    $90 + Auditors fees + Travel costs
  • OrganicFarmNZ Certification – Nationally recognised
    $250 + Auditors fees + Travel costs

Certification lasts for one year and must be renewed to maintain certified status. FNOG Membership is included with certification.

Certification Standards

Members who are certified under the OFNZ or FNOG umbrella, have to work in accordance with our standards which are the same as the production standards used and worked out by Bio-Gro New Zealand. More about these standards can be found on their web site.

Becoming Certified

If you would like advice or more information on becoming certified, please contact our Certification Manager or one of our Auditors:

Name Role Telephone
Kris Khaine Certification Manager 09 408 4212
Terry Higginson Auditor 09 408 4212
Jan Arie Kamsteeg Auditor 09 408 0448