Organic chook feed opportunity

We have discussed with Doug of Farmlands Waipapa and he confirmed they can bring in the following certified organic chook food from Denver Stockfood

Layer pellets $48.00
Wheat $41.00
Whole or kibbled maize $38.00

All bags are 25kgs. These prices include GST and freight.

What Doug needs to know how many of each we would like and if possible, future regular orders. I’m happy for you all to get back to me with your orders and then I will liaise with Doug.

It would be great to get our first order in by the end of this week and from then set up a system of regular orders.

Our motto could be – fresh and more often!!!!

Hope to hear from you soon.

Gijs –

Organic Mandarins Available

FNOG-certified Organic easy peel seedless Kawano mandarins from Ora Ora Orchard in Kerikeri available for $4/kg. No minimum quantity, but bring your own bag/carton/crate.
We require at least one day’s notice.

Rolf & Inge
Ora Ora Eco Wellness Resort, 28 Landing Road, Kerikeri 0230, New Zealand;; +64-9-4073598

Request for host

My name is Daniela Maigua. We, my family and me want to visit New Zealand in a few months. In Germany we work and live on a Demeter farm and we are interested to get to know some projects or farms in New Zealand as well.
Maybe you have a contact or farm details where we could visit or maybe work there.
Please contact me on the following email address:

Thank you.
Daniela Maigua