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Demonstration Farms and Orchards

The farms and orchards below are examples of what can be achieved in Northland with organic practices. Please contact the respective owner if you would like more information about their farm or orchard.

Hereford Cattle

Takou River Farm - Organic Beef cattle

Contact: Ian Sizer

Ian & Anna Sizer
660 Takou Bay Road
PO Box 55 Waipapa 0246
Phone: 09 407 8065
Website: http://www.takouriver.com

Hereford Cow at Takou River FarmTakou River FarmHereford Calves at Takou River FarmHill and Flat Pasture 
						at Takou River Farm

Tangelos and Navel oranges against a 
						shelterbelt in need of trimming

FFIT - Organic Citrus

Contact: Jan Arie and Ineke Kamsteeg

Organic Certification: Organic FarmNZ Cert No: FN-104-2006 Fully Certified
Organic Production: Citrus, Persimmon, and other fruit
Phone: 09 408 0448

Jan and Ineke want to make the Crest Lane Orchard a profitable business, producing high quality organic fruit, by applying the theoretical knowledge into best practices. At the same time we want to improve the biodiversity in our property’s shelter areas.

Persimmons are neerly all prunedOur objective is to maintain the full organic certification, with an expansion of horticultural crops on the current pastures. Until then, graze and mowing the pasture to keep the weed seed setting under control. Bring the shelter belts to the required height to optimize light reaching the fruit trees. Plant shelter belts around the front paddocks before planting orchard trees. Bring more biodiversity into the shelter belts, preferably native trees and shrubs. Increase the number of free range chickens - for insect and weed control as well as improving soil fertility.

Summary of Crest Lane Orchard (23k PDF file)

Organic drain clearingSpecial orchard tractor with swingarm mower to keep the 
						   ground cover in the tree lines short, as an alternative for spraying herbicidesFree range chicken to 
						   control insect and snails

Mahinga Oranga - Organic Market Gardening

Contact: Rob Downing

Website: www.mahingaoranga.co.nz

At Mahinga Oranga we grow pure food to New Zealand certified organic standards and teach people practical skills to achieve their own garden of wellbeing. We believe one of the keys to holistic wellbeing is the fertility of soil and support the philosophy (Healthy soils feeding Healthy plants feeding Healthy people or let your food be your medicine).

We believe the key to holistic wellbeing is in the fertility of the soil and support the philosophy: "let your food be your medicine".

We are working towards local provision for our community by taking responsibility for the land that is in our care, honouring the traditions of kaitiakitanga.

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